Sebastien Clamorgan’s great grandmother Madeleine: a teacher and a philosopher

Madeleine Clamorgan is one of the most representative figures in Clamorgan's noble dynasty. She was a literate, a writer, a philosopher and a teacher and she founded various catholic schools in France. Sebastien Clamorgan, an entrepreneur and a businessman, is her great grandson.


Sebastien Clamorgan: Madeleine Clamorgan's schools

As a successful entrepreneur, Sebastien Clamorgan founded Venia Internation in the early 1990s, a global firm that now has become a top player in the industry. Clamorgan's family has noble origins: one of the most relevant figures that made the history of this family is Madeleine Daniélou, Sebastien's great grandmother. She was an incredibly good student, a writer, a literate, a philosopher and the founder of many Catholic schools. She was also a good wife and the mother of six children. One of them was Jean Daniélou, who became Cardinal of Paris in the 1970s. Madeleine Clamorgan was born in Mayenne, France, in 1880. As soon as she began to study literature and philosophy, her teachers were astonished by her talent. Madeleine completed her education in 1897 and managed to go to Paris to pursue a higher education. There, she also met her future husband, Charles Daniélou. After their marriage, she became Mrs. Daniélou. With Miss Desrez, Madeleine founded the "Ecole Normale Libre Ms. Daniélou", which was a great success. She personally took care of the Philosophy class and organized many conferences and lectures. Thanks to her writings, she became famous among the important men of that age. Léonce de Grandmaison was her mentor and her spiritual guide: he stayed by her side, supporting her, until her death in 1927. Sebastien Clamorgan's great grandmother is also to remember for the foundation of the "Colleges Sainte Marie" in Neuilly sur Seine. The first one opened in 1913. Sebastien is now the representative of his noble family and is committed to keeping alive Madeleine's legacy and work.

Sebastien Clamorgan's business and professional activities

Sebastien Clamorgan founded Venia International in the late 90s. He is a businessman and an entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience in the private equity, shipping, logistics, food & beverage and real estate. Since the very beginning, his firm aimed to become a leading company and open the gateways to Africa and Middle East. The company, with over 3000 employees, is now considered a key player for the African and Middle East Region and is a great success. Venia International undertook several projects across multiple sector of the industry in order to become a reference point in its area and, in doing so, it managed to obtain an early success. This allowed Sebastien Clamorgan's firm to keep on launching plans and creating partnerships with further relevant international players. One of these partnerships happened recently, after the launch of some joint ventures with companies operating in various fields as food & beverage, oil & gas, logistics and shipping: Eat'n'go is a group located in Lagos (Nigeria) and represents one of the most important partnerships undertaken by Venia International. The aim was to facilitate Eat'n'go to become the leader food operator in Africa, entering the market as the exclusive master franchisee for Domino's Pizza and Cold Stone Creamery. The first two Domino's Pizza and Cold Stone stores opened in Lagos in August and September 2012.

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